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We guarantee that you will get your tickets in time for the event and are
100% authentic. Read more on our 100% Unconditional Guarantee.
How will I receive my tickets?
All of the tickets that are ordered from our site are sent out via FedEx unless it is too close to the event and shipping is not an option.

The standard option for FedEx is two day delivery and, if needed, we have Express and Saturday delivery which is next day.

If shipping is not an option because it is too close to the time of the event, then your tickets will be delivered via email, will-call or local office pickup. These details will be given to you by your ticket broker after you order your tickets.

We guarantee that your tickets will arrive on time for the event!
What are the seat numbers?
For the privacy of both the buyer and seller, we do not disclose specific seat numbers. Once your order is processed, we will send you an email that confirms your order and provides you with specific ticket information. If you would like even more information, we also include in the email, your ticket broker's information so feel free to contact them if you have any additional questions.
Are the seats together?
All ticket groups that are listed on our website are consecutive seating. This means that the seats are next to each other. In the case that the seats are not next to each other, this would be stated clearly in the ticket notes on the specific listing. It is very rare for any tickets groups to have split seating.
Why are similar tickets priced differently?
The tickets on our website are listed by ticket brokers who determine the price of the tickets that they are selling. These brokers determine the price by the ticket market value for that show or event. These prices may vary from broker to broker based on each broker's perception of the market and the cost incurred to obtain the tickets.